Armstrong Fire Pump

40MF Series (End Suction Fire Pumps & Packed System)

Armstrong Fire Products Solution includes many ways to accommodate your fire system needs. Our fire products include ULC/Ul listed and FM approved end Suction Pump. These pumps are available with electric or diesel drivers, fire pump controllers, VMS jockey pumps, jockey pump controllers and a full range of optional accessories.

Firepak Vertical Inline
  • Description
    Armstrong Vertical In-Line Fire Pumps are ul listed and fm approved. ulc listed fire pumps are also available. A full range of optional accessories as well as complete packages are available to complement the fire pumps. Capacities range from 50 to 1500 USgpm, with pressure boosts from 40 to 135 psi.
  • Performance Range
    Flow : 50 to 1500 USgpm
    Pressure : 40 to 135 psi


  • Materials
    Casing : Cast Iron
    Impeller : Bronze
    Wearing Rings : Bronze


Enclosed Fire Pump Package
  • Application
    Fire protection of buildings and other built infrastructure
  • Configuration
    Available as single electric, single diesel, one electric plus one diesel, two electric, or two diesel configurations. Optional features include tamper switches, test header lines, city by-pass and flow meter loops with all required piping and valves.