Armstrong Plumbing Pumps

Design Envelope 6800 Vertical Multistage Booster
  • Application
    New and retrofit water boosting installations in mid to large size residential, commercial, or industrial settings (such as apartment buildings, office towers, hospitals, hotels, schools, water treatment plants, factories, etc.)
  • Performance Range
    Flow : up to 2000 USgpm (450 m3/h)
    Pressure : up to 370 psi (22 bar)
    Power : up to 250 hp (up to 185 kW)
  • Materials
    Piping : Stainless Steel 304
4700 Series (Vertical Multistage)
  • Application
    Environmental Engineering, Water Distribution, Industry, Water Treatment, Agriculture
  • Performance Range
    Capacity : up to 200 gpm
    Head : up to 22.5 bar
4600 series

HVAC and Industrial application the series 4600 is the state of the art Horizontal Split Case pump-based on the “titled Parting” concept to minimize turbulance at the eye of the impeller byits straight laminar approach, this maximizing efficiency. This also results in the lowest profile pump, lowering installation costs. Cartridge seals and bearing removal nuts ensure ease of maintenance

4300 series
  • Application
    Chiller, Fire
  • Performance Range
    Capacity : up to 630 I/S

    up to 10000 gpm

    Head : up to 16 bar

    up to 232 psi