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Job Description

Analyst Programmer works directly with a business or client to analyze their needs, customized requirements, and specialized designs to develop a system to achieve them. In Rajawali, this position also includes tasks such as:

  1. Organize information about a procedure to be improved or an issue to be resolved 
  2. Recommend a solution to management through written reports or presentations
  3. Conduct onsite observations and interviewing employees to determine methods, equipment and personnel needed
  4. Recommend new procedures, systems, or organizational changes
  5. Develop alternative practices or solutions
  6. Discussion with Managers to ensure changes are working
  7. Program the system by encoding the requirements of the project in computer language


Career Level Qualification
Analyst Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or similar
Years of Experience Career Type
2 years Full-time

Additional Requirements

  • All gender welcome
  • Fresh graduates are welcome

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