Performance Range

The series includes units with a capacity of 25 to 250 kW. The modular design allows you to assemble units of different capacities by connecting the appropriate modules, thus obtaining the required refrigerating capacity. Units are interconnected directly at the facility. All units are equipped with the function of reversing the refrigeration cycle and can operate both in the cooling mode in the summer and transitional periods of time, and in the heat pump mode in the winter and in the transitional period of time. Modular chillers are interconnected by a single communication control. In this case, the operation of several units in the group is carried out in the master / slave mode: One chiller is the master, the rest of the chillers are slaves. Depending on the required refrigerating capacity, the automated control system of the lead chiller includes the necessary level of capacity (compressor), a chiller or a group of chillers. A shielded 2-core twisted pair cable is used as a communication line. The modular design of the chillers gives great advantages during installation, operation, maintenance and service.

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