Performance Range

Capacity : 350 TR – 800 TR
Compression : Centrifugal (Ceramic Bearing)
Refrigrant : R-1233zd(E)

The AquaEdge® 19DV Water-Cooled Centrifugal Chiller is the Ultimate Innovation in Heating and Cooling Technology.

Every building is different. Type, usage, layout and climate all have a huge effect on heating and cooling needs, and those needs vary during different times of the year. To adapt to changes, you need a chiller that can do it all — and in ways the industry hasn’t seen before. That’s why Carrier has developed the 19DV water-cooled chiller with several innovative features, incredible versatility and a full-system approach to efficient cooling and heating. The result is a chiller that’s so reliable, so high-performing, so future-proof that once it’s installed, you may never have to think about it again.

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