Performance Range

Capacity : 150 TR – 1.200 TR
Compression : Magnetic bearing, VFD centrifugal type, oil free operation
Refrigrant : R134a


The Integrated Part Load Value (IPLV) of the chiller can reach 10. This high IPLV can reduce energy consumption by 40% when compared to traditional electric chillers. BROAD Packaged Water Distribution System can reduce electricity consumption up to 76% when compared to conventional field-built systems.


The magnetic oil free and zero friction technology can save up to 40% energy cost and 90% of maintenance cost when compared with traditional electric chillers. BROAD PLC “Smart anti-surge control” module insures the chiller always operate in a safe range. The integrated design of the BROAD chiller, water distribution system and stainless steel metal enclosure reduce design cost and field installation costs for customers.

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