NORMACONNECT® COMBI GRIP/COMBI GRIP E axial restraint pipe couplings are used to connect plastic pipes with metal pipes. On the side connecting the plastic pipe, the coupling has a special anchoring ring with rows of flat teeth which are pressed into the pipe surface without damaging the material. At the same time the force applied is distributed evenly across the pipe surface.
On the side connecting the metal pipe, the coupling has a different anchoring ring with conically stamped teeth which grip into the pipe surface. Due to the special design of the anchoring ring the coupling can withstand even high vibration loads. NORMACONNECT® COMBI GRIP E has hollow trunnions (smaller diameters). NORMACONNECT® COMBI GRIP has solid trunnions (larger diameters).
Advantages :
• Corrosion resistant
• No welding
• No special tools necessary
• Installation and working in every kind of weather (hot and cold)
• Reusable

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