We are proud to introduce our new NovoCon® M, L and XL digital actuators. The new actuators, in conjunction with the AB-QM valves, achieve high-precision dynamic hydronic balancing and control for high flow applications.
The NovoCon® M, L and XL are specifically designed to accurately control high flow rates. In specific:

  • The NovoCon® M is used for AB-QM NovoCon valves in DN 40-100 suited for flows from 3-59 m3/h, e.g. for air handling units
  • The NovoCon® L is used for AB-QM valves in DN 125-150 suited for flows from 36-190 m3/h, e.g. for chillers
  • And NovoCon® XL is used for AB-QM valves in DN 200-250 suited for flows from 80-370 m3/h, e.g. for district cooling

Unlike the NovoCon® S, the new NovoCon® M, L and XL don’t use plug & play connectors and cables. Instead the actuators can be daisy-chain wired using standard cables which makes it easier to cover longer distances. The actuators are equipped with 3 resistance inputs to connect e.g. temperature sensors. When such sensors are installed on the supply and return connections, the NovoCon® actuators can be used for advanced control functionalities like Delta T limitation or Return temperature control. With these functionalities the energy efficiency of the AHU or Chiller can be optimized.

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