Rajawali Parama Elektrindo Control Panel is certified by Sarana Trimitra Solusindo as the authorized dealer of LS Industrial System and Schneider Electric’s automation equipments like AC drive, PLC, HMI, and SCADA. Rajawali Parama Elektrindo also obtained the NFPA and SNI certification.


  • Plumbing & Distribution Pump Controller
  • Fire Pump Controller
  • Fire Pump Controller NFPA20
  • Drawing Sewage Pump Controller
  • Drawing Booster VSD Pump Controller
  • Drawing Transfer Pump Controller


  • Push Button
  • Relay
  • Over Load
  • Water Level Control
  • Timer
  • Phase Relay
  • Floating Switch
  • Contactor
  • Selector Switch
  • Switching Relay
  • Pilot Lamp
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