• Vacuum spray-tube deaeration with intergrated water make-up systems used in conjunction with diaphragm expansion vessels or pressurisation systems
  • Ideally suited for high-rise buildings and district heating / cooling systems
  • Flexible adjustment of the Servitec Magcontrol or Levelcontrol operating modes
  • Central deaeration of the water in the system and make-up water
  • Max. operating pressure:
    8bar – type 25, 35, 60
    10bar – type 75, 95, 120
  • Max. flow temperature: 120°C
  • Microprocessor controller with plain text display for pressure
  • Floating contact for common message
  • Simple commissioning with auto setup
  • Patented, fully automatic overflow regulation
  • Safe control (water make-up using the actuator valve)
  • Water make-up is possible from a storage tank (on site)
  • Control Touch from Servitec 120
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